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9th Nov18

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Sarah at the Poetry Society (Winner of the National Memory Day poetry day competition, 2018)
Sarah reading poem ‘Fog’

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             Sarah Barr reading from anthology
‘Best New British and Irish Poets 2019-2021’
(The Black Spring Eyewear Press Group), YouTube:
Dartmoor Snow



This time I’m taking more notice –
the sandbags, submerged fields,
flooded crypt, the marooned town.
There’s more water than the land
can use, or the skies hold.
Perhaps it’s natural
to shiver with excitement
at this odd, reflective world.
A swan wings upward, abandons
its mirror-image on the bright lagoon.
Are there going to be two
of everything, including me?
I think about new surfaces
and new below-the-surfaces.

Sarah Barr

winner of The Frogmore Poetry Prize 2015
and published in The Frogmore Papers, 86, ISSN 0956-0106