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From Time to Time

They say she’s been seen, from time to time,
standing at an upstairs window.
No-one ever sees her clearly, yet
they are sure she’s always gazing out
over that huge landscape I have loved
from the moment I first stood
by the rickety porch.
                                             The faded house
looks as though once it just missed
a touch of grandeur. Many say it’s a house
with ‘something about it’.
                                                      It would always
have been lifted into specialness
by its view – that vast quiet expanse
of hills, dips, hills again, that stretches
beyond the window where she still
comes to stand, from which maybe
she sees a freedom she never knew.
Maybe she hopes it’s even now
to be hers; or stands tortured by beauty,
the cruel salt in her still-open wounds.
I’ve never seen that enigmatic form, yet when
frustration or disappointment brings
a sadness out of all proportion;
or when illogical hope suddenly
expands the view from my heart, it’s then
I picture her, then I remember how it is
to look out over first a gentle slope,
then a downward plunge to boskiness
of fields, a tawny climb to hilltop moors,
horizon mountains merging with mist,
and further, what that watcher surely seeks,
endless embracing of the craved unknown.

Ruth Bidgood

published in Scintilla