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Rik Wilkinson (     – 2018)

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Rik’s poetry was published regularly in Manifold Magazine of New Poetry until the editor Vera Rich, sadly died in late December 2009. Rik has been published in Acumen Literary Journal, Agenda, Equinox and Poetry Salzburg Review. A pamphlet collection, A HUNDRED MILE WALK, was published by Acumen (ed. Patricia Oxley). Rik’s book, The Pioneers, a work of prose, images and poetry, was published by Hertford Writer’s Circle in 2010.
Since 2003 he has been guest reader at various poetry venues in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and North London; and also in Teddington, in Brighton, in Guildford, at Castle Stewart in Galloway; and also in Penzance and Kingston. In 2007, Rik was a guest reader at the Torbay Poetry Festival. Somewhat earlier, in 1968, he read alongside John Wain, Elizabeth Jennings, Sally Purcell and Peter Levi, at Oxford Town Hall; and at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.
In the past, Rik Wilkinson read with ‘Manifold Voices’, a group who read programmes of poems by Manifold Magazine contributors, devised and organised by the editor Vera Rich. Manifold Voices performed at several London venues including the Ukrainian Institute. The group also performed at St Anthony’s College, Oxford; King’s College, Cambridge; and also at the Edinburgh Fringe. Sadly, since the death of Vera Rich, Manifold Voices no longer functions.
Vera Rich wrote of Rik’s poetry:

Rik Wilkinson’s poetry is a delight. Crisp, incisive language, a sensitive ear for the inner music of words (in received standard and dialect), a mastery of technique, refreshingly ‘outgoing’ themes and (at a time when ‘poemlets’ are the norm), the courage to produce works of a meatier length.