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Red Carnations

     from sequence Saying It With Flowers
If only I could say let’s meet at St Pancras,
not below the android-looking couple, clinching
under the clock, but next to Betjeman’s statue,
crumpled, loveable, human.
You haven’t seen the station, done up
in all its magnificence, the long glitzy
champagne and oyster bar at the track’s edge.
I still don’t like oysters and you never tried them.
The first thing I’d do is tell about the children:
daughter as good as her word
never working for big business, our son
becoming an arts writer. I know it will never
happen, but if it did, I’d carry a whole bunch
of red carnations, so you couldn’t miss me.

Peter Phillips

published in Writing Magazine, July 2015, in article by Alison Chisolm:
Poetry Workshop: A Whole Bunch of Poems, see comment in biography.