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Pete Morgan (1939  2010)

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from: Times Tidings  Poems for the Millennium

ed. Carol Ann Duffy, Anvil Press, 1999


The Cutty Sark


She has always sailed from

or toward Greenwich.

From or toward the Prime Meridian of the World

the zero line of every map,

the hairsbreadth

on the Atlas of the World

where once an Empire blushed vermilion.


She homed on Greenwich

Like a bird.



was her landmark.


her milestone

a signpost chained

through continents and seas.


She stitched an Empire

to her shirt tails.

The hem of lace across her wake

now slips and fades

her stitch unravels

like a smile.

Our dis-united Kingdom

bumps and yaws.


                                            Pete Morgan



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