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Hobo’s Blood

It was like leaving Eden for the hope of Eden,
this journey from new world to utopia.
And they had two sons: Cain and Abel.
Blood spilled on no man’s land
before the invention of borders.
And a daughter they never mentioned:
every family has one somewhere.
Ours kept changing names: that’s what women do.
Take their husband’s. Ours had more than one.
And a string of addresses ever since she left
her father’s island for a sister’s prairie,
a husband’s hotel and billiard room.
Buried him in foreign ground, broke away
with a new husband’s trunkful of costumes.
Packed her hobo’s suitcase with promises and slogans
that ended in sawdust, nowhere, in Karelia.

Nancy Mattson

published in collection, Finns and Amazons, 2012, Arrowhead Press,
ISBN 978-1-904852-33-9;
first published in Lines from Karelia, 2011, Arrowhead Press,
ISBN 978-1-904852-32-2