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Margaret Eddershaw:  for 25 years, Margaret was a professional actor and theatre academic (Lancaster University).  She had published on Bertolt Brecht and theatre history, and had six plays performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in London fringe theatres.

In 1978, she was a founder member of Lancaster Literature Festival, and up to 1989, Red Rose Theatre Company, of which she was co-director, mounted eleven productions of contemporary plays specially for the Festival.  

Margaret took up residence in Greece in 1995, and began writing poems.  Since then, she has had over 100 published in magazines (e.g. Seam, iota, Interpreter's House, Envoi, Frogmore Papers, Orbis), in anthologies (from Blinking Eye Publishing, Boho Press, Bluechrome Poets, Ragged Raven Press, New European Poets, Cinnamon Press) and won a number of prizes (Wells Literature Festival, King's Lynn Festival, Petra Kenney Competition, Poetry on the Lake).  She has given readings in Athens and London.

In October 2008, she performed Brief Encounters (see comment), her one-hour programme of dramatic poems, at Chester Literature Festival, and presented an excerpt from the show at the Poetry Café, London, in March 2009.

She offers Brief Encounters to festivals and other poetry groups/organisations. The performance is free to those raising money for a good cause.

Comment on Brief Encounters:

"With minimal props and a wardrobe of hats, she transformed herself into many different people.  It was amazing."

Gill McEvoy, Artistic Director, Chester Oyez!


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