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in collection, From Berbice to Broadstairs, 2006

Mango Publishing, ISBN 1 902294 28 9


From this same veranda

(or Liming)


From this same veranda Miss Beaumont order her lime juice

Cool and sweet in the heat

Slow ships roll on the tide


From this same veranda Great-grandmother runs

Apron full of limes

There’s a new breeze on the skyline


From this same veranda Pastor calls my fathers up

No more talking drums, no sunset gatherings

Underneath them limes


From this same veranda Grandmother sweeps new dust

There’s a rocking roll in her low-slung hips

And a morning light in her eyes


From this same veranda my mother hold that baby tight

Deep-voices Louis Armstrong, partify the psalms



From this same veranda I watch my blue jeans swing

On the washing line, my toenail polish shine

And in no time


It getting crowded up here with fathers and mothers

Sisters and brothers, grand and godmothers

Aunty niece from Toronto, Chicago, Accra

North Island, Berbice, Castries

And Brighton, England


But y’know - there’s always room for one more - so

From this same veranda I call my child

Darlin’ shove up that rocking chair, come

Join us up here for a lime


                                                        Maggie Harris


(Liming:  hanging out)



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