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published in Genius Floored, 2009, Soaring Penguin



(for Gill)


Shall we be extraordinary when we meet tomorrow

create our own belle epoch, sport hats, slinky sling-backs

scandalize our dead mothers and not wear stockings

paint our toenails puce or fuchsia

borrow bolder images for the day?

Letís wear dresses that squirm round our bodies

like the silken hands of lovers

throw flowing stoles across our shoulders

though not enough to conceal dťcolletage;

instead letís dust our throats and cleavage

in glittering bronzer, coat our wrists in jewels

eat Italian, luscious pasta, dense delicious sauce

a salad of rocket leaves with nestled olives

sip some effervescent asti.  Letís get drunk

then exchange some torrid gossip

our long necks craned over a dash of wickedness

with something brash. When we laugh,

which we often do in muffled amusement,

letís do it loud, we undistinguished women,

who prize each other over rubies,

letís be shocking

and make the crowd mark us present.



Lyn White


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