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15 Jul15

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With Cool Dude on Lower East Side

With cool dude on lower East Side
First date in the Park, hold cigarette
Don’t know how to, Joe demonstrates
In Italian, want to be cooler, me
At his house off Delancey & Broom
I’m shy in knee socks, unaware
Sofa bed folds out, takes the room
Me later, body tender in Square
One night sick with fever, but I call
His mother, Sorry Joe ain’t here
Take bus downtown to no avail
Not words or note, just bruising air
I can’t give in, go back, move forward
A child put off, who won’t be spurned

Lynne Hjelmgaard

in collection A Boat called Annalise, 2016, Seren Books, ISBN 978-1-7817231-0-4;
in collection Manhattan Sonnets, Redbeck Press, 2003,
ISBN 1-904338-07-0;
previously published in Jacket Magazine 21 (online);
and in anthology My Mother Threw Knives, Second Light Publications, 2006,
ISBN 0-9546934-1-8