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I Am Twenty People!: A Third Anthology from the Poetry School, 2007

(ed: Mimi Khalvati and Stephen Knight), Enitharmon, ISBN 978190463436



The Mosaics at Monreale


A euro in the slot illuminates

the Testaments. We know the stories, mostly.


See there’s Noah, reaching out of his ark

to guide the lion in. His wife and sons

and their wives crowd the windows, faces doubtful.


Above them God sits on his globe and lets

the waters separate revealing sky

and earth. He makes it look easy, creation


a gesture of the hand towards the thing

it loves. Another gesture and the land is filled

with birds, the sea with fish. We are astonished


by the detail, the peacock’s long tail feathers,

the stork on tottering legs, the dove, the fish,

I love the fish, heads stretching for the shore,


where their creator sits. Above the door

Eve steps away from a sleeping Adam.


Louisa Hooper


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