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Kavita A Jindal:

Kavita, whose name means "poem", was born in India and has lived in both Hong Kong and England for several years, shuttling between the two. She now lives in London. Her work is fuelled by observations made in three distinct landscapes and societies.

Her poetry collection, Raincheck Renewed, was published by Chameleon Press in 2004 and received critical and popular acclaim.  Kavita also writes fiction and non-fiction. Her poems, short stories, essays and articles on the Arts have been published in various newspapers, literary journals, and anthologies.

Website: www.kavitajindal.com

Reviews and Comment on Raincheck Renewed:

‘She manages to be a detached analytical observer and, simultaneously, an active participant -- and it is this quality that gives her work the very desirable element of surprise. By rights, Kavita Jindal ought to be wearing a mask! She sweet-talks the reader with whimsical or pleasant introductory lines and stanzas and then ambushes them with a cynical twist.’

David McKirdy, The Asian Review of Books. 2004


‘Kavita’s work is accessible and fun to read, but at the same time, it has depth and complexity. It’s great to find poetry which is both funny and serious.’

Nury Vittachi, critic and author of ‘The Feng Shui Detective’ series. 2004


"A triumphant launch... the poems are fresh and inspirational. By turns humorous, regretful and acerbic, the poems all showcase Kavita's keen observation and wit. Raincheck Renewed is a must."

 Dania Shawwa, Publisher, Haven Books


Comment on work published prior to Raincheck Renewed:

‘Her poetic voice is incisive, yet self-mocking, and this allows her to get away with tackling serious subjects while appearing to be light-hearted.’

                The Tribune, Chandigarh, July 21, 2003


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