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Kathy Miles won the Bridport Prize in 2015
and the PENfro Poetry Competition in 2016


An Elegy for Lace

In late afternoon, a tapestry of apples,
shadows stippled on the orchard’s hem.
Scents of garlic and wild violet, the linnet
keening on the wind, a slur of sun in the grass.
A dragonfly, his wings stretched webs of thread,
rises in the bleach of evening dusk.
Our hands a quiet prayer of lace, inside
the honeyed stone of the cloister walls.
We loop the silky tussels of yarn, twist and plait,
cross them over and over, shape them
into shawls and veils, a fichu to be placed
round the neck of a comtesse or a queen.
Bone and ivory bobbins click like needles,
the clink of ships’ masts at their mooring, as we link
meshed nets of grenadine across a réseau ground.
Each strip separate to itself, white as flaked ice,
our fingers raw from the prick of holding-pins.
The lark embroiders his song into our intricate work.
Yet the blet of sky darkens. Night cuts the earth
like a whetted blade. I grow afraid, Sisters, I grow so afraid.

Kathy Miles

Winner of The Bridport Prize, 2015;
in collection Gardening With Deer, 2016, Cinnamon Press,
ISBN 978-1-9108362-6-2