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Belgrave Press



Her love of poetry led June Hall to Faber where she began her career as a reluctant Girl Friday. Reading and reporting had to be done at home at night but after five years-and-many-tears she eventually became established as sport and science fiction editor! Later she moved on to easier times in paperback publishing and then, determined to work for herself, set up a literary agency which she built up over the next ten years.
Two life blows took her in new directions – the stillbirth of her first son and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease – and got her writing herself. With two children now at university, June now lives in Bath with her husband. Her poems have appeared in various poetry magazines. She decided it would be fun to publish her first collection, the now of snow, herself in conjunction with other professionals and as this worked well, has done the same with bowing to winter (Belgrave Press 2010).
Review comments…
   On the now of snow, Belgrave Press, £7.99:


June Hall writes with clarity, sincerity and strength … Several poems powerfully articulate the experience of illness … but she is more than a one-trick act. Force and insight pervade the book, ranging from responses to art, friendship, ageing and 9/11 to vivid poems of motherhood.




Every poem is different yet all bear the stamp of her compassionate vision. The forms are as varied as their subjects. Read The Now of Snow NOW for both pleasure and enlightenment.


U.A. Fanthorpe


evokes memories and emotions which move the reader. She startles and satisfies with unexpected phrases.

Patricia Oxley, Editor, Acumen


   On bowing to winter, Belgrave Press, £7.99:


Truth is the cornerstone of her writing


Ann Drysdale


Her gift for keen observation enables her to capture the moment and bring wry humour and courage both to the familiar and the darker places of life.


Maggie Butt


Everyone at the Parkinson’s Society is delighted that June’s moving poems will again support essential research. This book will be a great success.


Richard Briers