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 published inWindhorse, Rockingham Press




          If the sun promises to shine

          two men from Carntyne,

          Hammy Hamilton and Chick Caven,

          (the uncrowned kings of doo-men)

          leg it to the lofts:


          pitch-black like pill-boxes,

          protected by padlocks

          and steel bolts. Imprisoned within ---

          the doos men have died for.

          "It's Fort Knox wi' feathers."


          They stop there for a blether,

          a bit of banter or

          to slag each other off:

          "That loft of yours is boggin

          and in need of a good clean."


          "You have to doll your doo up.

          Some guys use hair dyes

          painted on wi' a wee brush.

          Then keep their peroxide blondes

          horny on the ramp."


          Hammy speaks an Esperanto

          to his doo, wooing her with words.

          Chick opens his huge hands,

          caresses the fragile span,

          then nestles her next to his chest.


          When they look out over the

          scrubby waste-tips, raw

          schemes, draggled plots,

          all they see is sheer white,

          all they feel is soft down.


John Killick


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John Killick
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