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YouTube video: John Duffy reading poems from his collection


A Gowpen



 Commended, National Poetry Competition 2006




The last day of Ramadan: the hard frost

has withered in the hard stare of the sun,

the pavements are drying. There's a sense

of excitement checked; the scents of feasts drift

from behind tense curtains out across

Mount Pleasant. I imagine eyes searching

for the new hook of dawn on the moon's edge.


The sky's inverted in the gutter,

fragmented clouds and brittle blue ripple,

reflection settles after the intrusion

of a wheel. From Al-Habib Hair Art

barbered boys race home to new Eid suits.

A man waits for a train, reads the Koran,

around him swirling frost and town and moon.


John Duffy


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