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Joan Poulson spent her early years in industrial south Lancashire with rare glimpses into nature. She works as writer, poet, children’s writer & in education, has three full collections of poetry & a novel published for children, several pamphlets of poetry & books documenting residences for adult readers & dreams of life by the ocean.

Her poetry has won prizes in national & international competitions, her work published, broadcast, read & exhibited in New Zealand, Karachi, New Mexico, Australia, Oslo, Delhi, California, Vermont, Southern Africa, Canada &, in the U.K., in Holyhead, Anglesey; the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh; the Manchester Schumacher Lectures; Tatton Hall &, in London: at Dulwich Festival, the South Bank Centre & the Geffrye Museum. She has not yet worked in the Far North, in Cork, Galway or in Italy but entertains  hopes.

Magazines & journals publishing her work include PEN International, Osiris (U.S.A), Ambit, the SHOp, the Long Islander (U.S.A), Scintilla, Smith’s Knoll, Obsessed with Pipework, Resurgence, Smoke, etc.

She has held collaborative residencies with musicians, a sculptor, a modern dance company, painters & other writers & was long-term writer in residence in a psychiatric hospital working with patients & staff.

Following several land-based residencies (the onetree project; The Land Songs (Cumbria); the grounds of Durham Art Gallery, etc.) she is keen to work outdoors again, perhaps making poems & eco-sculpture, all of which will slowly return to the land (see onetree singing. Blackthorn Books, 2001).

A pamphlet illustrated by Elizabeth Stuart-Smith is due Dec 2007  (Flarestack). Elizabeth & Joan met while working on the onetree project.

Comments on Joan's work:

"onetree singing is beautiful work ... I find I have copied many single and often moving lines into my notebook.  (the poems form part of) an old-new, firmer tread...that runs counter to speed and flimsiness and gloss."

        Kevin Crossley-Holland 


"Joan Poulson is a shaman of our tribal society."

        Noel Charlton


"(Poulson's) poems have a crystalline density that is very unusual"

Andrea Moorhead (OSIRIS. USA)


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