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previously published in Ambit, 179, 2005


Beyond Blue


There is no night, but in this winter sun

a bat is flickering; between trees, into the clearing

and out again.   A small hole in this blue.

There is a sound like the rushing of souls,

too many to count, all passing on one breath.

They turn, the white vapour of their sighing

breaks the sky open.


It is this blue mantle, his motherís apron that she folds

and refolds.   Where the ember landed there is one small hole.

There is no darning it, she holds it up to the light.


There are two bats up among the angels,

moving as the music moves, the violinís staccato,

beating time.   Around and around

they fly until everyone is watching, breathless.

A church full of upturned faces.


The great wings of angels spread out;

splinters float down like feathers, bolts creak.

When the music is over,   they will be gone -

there will be a great noise of wings and the roof

will lift.   The whole sky will fall in.


Jenny Vuglar


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