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Hylda Sims (1932-2020)




previously published  in Reaching Peckham ,

 pamphlet, narrative sequence, 1996,

in What Poets Eat.  Ed. Judi Benson, Foolscap 1994

performed on BBC’s The Food Programme


Down Choumert Road


there's daffs, a quid three bunches

new season's spuds, thirty pence a pound

six limes fifty pence. fresh crimson chillies

capers, cardamoms, cumin, puzzles of ginger

eddoes, mangoes, melons, ackie, chow chow

pale dimpled breadfruit, manioc rough as bark


fans of skate on marble, shark fin, turbot

huss, bass, goat-fish, ink-fish in a bucket,

Goes well with custard, want some parsley with it ?

His rubbers slub a nifty riff, Here George,

he scuds a mullet; rhythm's pummelling on

from Blue Beat City - Rap and Ragga, Reggae

Hip-Hop, Ska; Not like the old days

is it, Mrs Lady ? He winks, you won't remember,

cabbage, cod on Friday, forever Crosby

crooning Easter Bonnet on the wireless.


Hylda Sims


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