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      ‘Poets work with two materials,
      one’s black, one’s white.’
          Glyn Maxwell, On Poetry

They say the weight of a full Kindle
is as slight as the weight of a soul,
that the substance of a Tweet
decays in just three hours:
do words weigh less in cyberspace?
Once even the gaps between words
were leaden, and each unremarked
space shouldered its own packed mass:
the same way the rooms in my house
still bear the shapes of moved furniture.
All absences hold their own
weight – the same way the silence
sings after the song, or the way
you might knock every minute against,
and find your life shaped by, a want.

Heidi Williamson

in collection, The Print Museum, 2016, Bloodaxe Books,
ISBN 978-1-7803729-2-1