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     in memory of Rudi M.
Those brazen fanfares and you’re back
in our garden once again with wire-brush hair
and bottle-bottom specs. The Prague Spring
powers your August talk until we pledge
next summer’s holiday, all unaware
that Soviet tanks are shaking golden stones.
And with what pride you guided us: named
every statue on Charles Bridge, were generous
with knedliky and Pils; warned against
koruny touts, showed us where Jan Palach
had set himself ablaze, somehow found
a samizdat LP of Smetana’s Má Vlást.
Then each New Year you parcelled Supraphon:
Suk, Martinú and, above all, Janáček.
We fell in love with Taras Bulba,
the Glagolitic Mass and this.
In letters down the years the flowerings
of ’89 shrivelled and died. Your final card,
with greetings in a jerky hand,
played ‘Silent night’.

Gill Learner

published in South, 49, ISSN 0959-1133