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This must be achieved noiselessly, don’t draw
attention to yourself, they will count scores
to keep you longer in the dark. Now, pull
hard. But take good care. The shutters are full
of splinters. Gently. That’s it. You can see
green ivy climbing the trunk of a tree,
such fine leaves, so determined; and the slow
water, that’s a kind of green too. As though
someone has added milk. The sun is just
reaching the front steps; as it mounts, it must
penetrate this stone grey room. ‘Come,’ you’ll say,
‘it’s been so cold without you. Every day
I’ve worked a little more to let you in,
to feel a remembered touch on my skin.’

Geraldine Paine

in collectionThe Beginnings of Trees, 2013, Lapwing Publications
ISBN 978-1-909252-48-6;
previously published in London Grip, 2011