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watch video: Gary Bills reading his poem Bonfires

 animation by Heather E. Geddes


in collection The Echo and the Breath, 2001, Peterloo, ISBN 1871471869

published in The Guardian, The Saturday Poem, June 30, 2001



A Love Affair in Miniature





I am

a lake,



Her touch—

a leaf

that falls upon

such calm.





I draw green blinds

across the moon,

on river sounds

as delicate as breath…


And she becomes

the hands and lips

of silence.






light as birds’ feet

on the glass,

her four rings

on the table,

and my ticking watch

beside them.





I dream of kites,

I touch their shadows…


And in the morning,

when we kiss,

her taste

is on my lips.


Gary Bills


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