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Gabriel Griffin is the creator and organiser of the annual Poetry on the Lake spring international poetry competition and autumn festival, now in its 7th year; also Readings for UNESCO World Poetry Day and other poetry events, events and seminars on community communication for the Venice Biennale, art exhibitions and cultural events in Milan.

Her work has been prized in competitions and published in a number of magazines and anthologies 1999-2006 including, Scintilla, Envoi, Poetry Life, My Mother Threw Knives, How Do I Love Thee, Poetry as a Foreign Language, Writers Forum, Beehive Press, Coventry Millennium Anthology, Still,  HQ Poetry Magazine, Ripley, Split the Lark, Forest Arts, Wiltshire County Libraries, Barnet Borough Arts, Writers’ Bureau, HQ Poetry Magazine, Acorn Book of Contemporary Haiku,  Norwich Writers, and Peterloo.

Comments on her poems:

“Musical – skillfully handled”.  

Sherazade and her Sultan commented by Doris Corti


“A deeply layered, visionary piece to read and enjoy repeatedly… takes the great leap of the imagination which is the essence of poetry.”

Learning the language of the lake commented by Alison Chisholm


“It is very difficult to write a poem about a political subject, a subject in the news more or less every day, which feels fresh and new, which does not feel somehow, you know, worthy but I think this poet has managed it.”  

John Whitworth


Several Poetry on the Lake competition anthologies are available: 

2006     Stranger, (43 poems + 26 translations in Italian,line illustrations) £9.50 (incl.p/p) or euro € 15


2005    Hic et nunc    (49 poems + 14 translations in Italian)

2003    Hortus Conclusus    (44 poems, 11 translations in Italian )

2001    Lakes and Fresh Waters    (88 poems, winning poem also in Italian)

    at £7. 50  (incl.p/p) or Euro: €12 each

From:   Poetry on the Lake, Isola San Giulio – 28016 Orta NO – Italy.

               Tel:   (+39) 347-8464227   or e-mail:   Poetry on the Lake


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