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White Tree

Six miles out of Tewkesbury
tractors, sweat and dust
new mown hay, diesel heavy
on the air, onset of dusk
a skyline aquarelle:
the antique sketch’s
smoothly executed hills,
delicate as apricot
on glass, hard as porcelain,
robust. A china glaze
surrounds The Lawn Hotel.
Its clientele, rakish
in their tilted hats, old men
under parasols
mill around the garden chairs,
through wisps of grass they seem
too brightly painted, reddened
by some heat dyed-in
before today’s fierce sun
, murky at the last hurrah.
Further in, on pastureland
an oak stripped white and bare;
from its ruptured trunk run spears
of milky lightning
into the soft night air.

Dominic James

published in The High Window, Issue 10 Summer 2018