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Bird Sanctuary

Seals sunning themselves,
women all shapes and sizes sprawl
with bird’s-foot trefoil, buttercups,
flowering grasses, wild geraniums
and self heal on the lower meadow
of the Ladies’ Pond Enclosure.
Whish! goes a kingfisher,
its turquoise matching the dragonfly’s,
bird akin to insect as woman is to seal.
On the next pond down, swans,
moorhens, ducks, coots
pursue their wild lives in peace.
It’s called the Bird Sanctuary.
Switch off your mobile,
sisters under the skin,
twinned, one pond for ladies
and one is for the birds.

Dinah Livingstone

published in Morning Star, 28th May 2009;
in collection Poems of Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park, 2012, Katabasis,
ISBN 978-0-904872-46-0