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Parachute Silk

This quiet cloth, colour
of a dove’s egg, designed as canopies
for soft landings
cut down, could turn
any bride into
a gardenia or edelweiss.
Esther had chased hers
across fields with a pitchfork
when a German airman landed.
Ruth had received hers
from her fiancé who’d used it
as a pillow, when injured;
Eva’s boss had simply opened
a cupboard and found one
still with the ropes intact,
sensuous as spindrift.
Snipped and pinned, slipped over waist
and hips, this soft silk would grace
wartime weddings. The lives
of those men cut down, living on
in tuck and pleat and fold.

Denise Bennett

in collection, Parachute Silk, 2015, Oversteps Books,
ISBN 978-1-9068565-5-7;
previously First Prize Winner, Havant Literary Festival Poetry Competition