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John and Tonic

Tonight, as John Hegley sang poems, him coaxing,
Keats House chorusing (happily, scarily, uproariously)
bright green parakeet, g-and-t’s slice of lime,
bounced into trees with tomato-billed, fractious mate.
Readers … audience digging ribs: ‘Did you see?’
Unconcerned, his own deft poetry
dainty-clawed parakeet hung upside down,
mate off, soaring.
Passing gilt Music Room as I was leaving
saw through framing windows, beaming
faces, their interior candles. Gazing
netted trees, caught love bird laughter.

Deborah Tyler-Bennett

in collection, Kinda Keats, 2013, Shoestring Press,
ISBN 978-1-9073569-0-2