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Map Reading

We got lost by the harbour.
The directions were wrong
but we followed them anyway.
The sacred way runs along the shore,
at dusk hulks lean in the rocks,
gas plumes burn from iron heads.
Behind us the moon steps left
or hides between towers lit
like upright dominoes.
Though the map says something must appear
the dials say something must run out.
We cross an upland plane in half a night
and stop before a wall of shining glass.
Inside four men sit before a screen
watching their side lose.
One sings loudly into another’s ear
as if insisting on a point
or inviting a blow.
From our room the castle on the peak
glows in the moonlight.
For years the Franks made it their home,
where they kept their water to themselves.
We have a brief option on this space,
our names are in the book,
bolts slide in the dark,
we know why we are here,
our map is on the table.

Chris Hardy

published in collection, Write Me A Few Of Your Lines, 2012, Graft Poetry,
ISBN 978-0-9558400-4-3;
published in Pennine Platform, 2009