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Inside to Outside

Shearsman Books

ISBN 0907562809 



Whatever happened

to the kites

that just stayed up there?


You know the ones,

so difficult to launch,

taking ages to reach their limit


and even longer to reel in.

But mostly you just left them there

and waited, and watched.


And wondered.

About anything that came to mind.

It was a kind of exercise


for the spirit,

working on a line from ourselves

to what was almost immaterial -


a wavering dot,

without a care in the world

but staying up there -


almost out of time,

but holding on

at the same time.


It wasn't so long ago.

And maybe you wonder when it tilted

to the physical,


why it's all pull and jab,

quickness and control,

leverage and release.


You may have heard

it's about how time is spent.

Maybe you caught that.


Chris Gutkind


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Chris Gutkind

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