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in Fire; A Box of Professional Secrets, Flarestack, 1995/2005) ISBN 1-900397-00-5;

Beyond Bedlam , Anvil, 1997, ISBN 0-85646-296-9;

The Feather-List Extracts, Five Seasons Press, 2005, ISBN 0-947960-37-6



We call this the day room


Have you ever been here? A full

empty day high as a room,

grey, bland - a whole tall

square of air to inhale

before another bed-time.


Can you see our view?

Look at the little willow and the black

trees like hands, severe, cut back.

See the paint peel

on the pale disregarded gazebo.


Do you like jigsaws? This one's

all there, according to Gilbert. He's normally

an accountant, but I have my suspicions

about the big hole in the sky.

Still, it beats watching TV all day.


(Odd, how each day just one day's worth of news happens)

The empty sky is grey, and the lawns:

sometimes people stroll there, walk

their dogs through the courtyard, or talk.

It's hard to keep making them all perform.


Did you see the corridor?

I don't much care for the decor:

mosaic mares can stare up from the floor

by the hatch where we wait for our medication.

In the wallpaper I see Buddhas or toads seeking satori.


Charles Johnson


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