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Song for Michael

Think of me as you fly into the blue of the night
of how I loved the light and when you land
remember that in each smile
the joy of life was before me.
When you explore the ancient isles,
cradle of our conscious hearts,
look on them as I would look,
pause and feel the rocks
so the ancient ones may enter through your skin
passing their knowledge through your hands to me
as once they sensed me in a night of fantasy.
Gather two pebbles every time you land
one to drop into the sea and
with it the fears you’ve carried through the years
the other keep and bring to me.
With each pebble I will be where you have been,
they will be the symbol of renewal; creative futures
given by the Gods who knew the isles
before their spirits fled
into the winds that bear their voices,
voices gentle as the summer sail
that flutters in the white hour of the rising sun.
Listen to the wind on it will be a prayer
to be translated in a time you left behind.

Carolyn O’Connell

in collection Timelines, Indigo Dreams, 2014, ISBN 978-1-90935755-3-2