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26 Jul19

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Caroline Natzler:
I have published five collections of poetry (see right-sidebar “and in the shop”), have had some very favourable reviews, been published in many poetry journals and my work has been recorded for the Poetry Library Archive.
Over the years my writing has shifted, I hope, from explicit and quite personal engagement with existential issues to something closer to honouring the physical world as it is.
I teach a poetry workshop for experienced poets at the City Lit in London and also run private creative writing workshops, open to writers of fiction and autobiography as well as poets.
Review Comments on Smart Dust:

I like the way Caroline Natzler approaches the ineffable from a position of faithlessness. I like the way she keeps faith with the minutiae of life on earth.


Gillian Allnutt


Although Natzler is a brilliantly astringent writer her work does not shy away from examining the big themes of metaphysics – [her] poetry is a real find. She is a true original whose seriousness of purpose is tempered by wit and charm.




Natzler is excellent at engaging with theoretical physics to explore aspects of human existence. The scientific poems have vitality and express the ineffable without strain. She is vibrant on the power of passionate love to make us alive to our surroundings and origins.




Quiet, graceful windows … these poems lure you in until you find yourself bestowed with the most panoramic of views. It makes for beautiful reading.