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Poems in his Pocket

     recalling Miklos Radnoti*
He speaks of single things:
of love for just one woman;
of countryside as homeland;
of one man’s separation
to incarceration, wire
and lacerated labour,
bombardment overhead.
The muffled word supports
one set of limbs, force-marched
out of step from camp to camp;
one bullet, from all others, just for him;
one mass grave for rag and bone;
and in his pocket poems
with six million voices
as individual as morning.
     * Hungarian Jewish poet interned in WW2 & sent to labour camps

Belinda Singleton

published in Orbis Quarterly International Literary Journal 154, Winter 2010,
ISSN 0300-4425 – Awarded Readers’ First Prize (joint), recorded in issue 155;
Highly commended in Torbay Open Poetry Competition 2010.