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Annie Clarkson is a poet, social worker and fiction writer who grew up in East Lancashire mill town and now lives in Manchester.

Her first chapbook collection of poems and prose poems is Winter Hands, published by Shadowtrain Books.

She has been involved in several collaborative writing projects including:  The Embedded Project, a collaboration between poets and printmakers (www.embeddedproject.co.uk); and The Big Picture, with Jackee Batanda, Pauline Keith, and Chris Fittock - one writer from Kampala in Uganda and three from the North West of England – exploring the commonalities and differences in world views.  This project ended with a reading at Lancaster Litfest in 2005 and a publication of writing and commentary The Big Picture (www.litfest.org).

Other poetry, short fiction and book reviews have been published in anthologies, magazines and on the internet, including: Only Connect - an anthology of poems by Cinnamon Press, Transmission, Sleepingfish, Mslexia, QWF magazine, Ginosko Literary Journal, Shadowtrain, Stride, Dream Catcher and Book Munch.

Comments on Winter Hands include:

‘Annie Clarkson’s versets – shapes where poetry and prose meet, declare a truce and mingle – generate so much heat and tenderness in equal turns; they read like reports from a twilit, overlooked world, writ in vinegar on chip paper that will stay news.’

Paul Farley


‘Clarkson composes her poetry from tenderness, sexuality and courage, exploring taboo places in the human psyche. That she does so and does so fearlessly is a testament to her compassion and understanding of the everyday fears and uncertainties we experience as humans.’

Geraldine Green


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