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Anne Rees:     Thirty-odd of Anne Rees’s poems have appeared in magazines such as Ambit, Obsessed with Pipework, The Rialto, Orbis, Writing Women and many more, a collection of her work came runner up twice in Staple First Editions competitions, and her poems have been shortlisted in Myslexia competitions and the East Street Poets national competition. Anne has more work to be published in summer 2006 in Obsessed with Pipework, Charles Johnson’s encouragement, generosity and exacting high standards have been an inspiration.

Anne has written a novel, Ravenstowe, drawing on material from a misspent youth in a north Nottinghamshire pit village, which is going the rounds of publishers and has received praise and favourable comments but no firm commitment. “Ravenstowe” is “enjoyable, original and thought-provoking” but never seems to be “quite our sort of novel” or to “suit our in-house style”. Anne is frustrated but not going to give up just yet!

Anne Rees went from a pit village to Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and read English Language and Literature. She met her husband at Oxford and was married in Jesus College chapel, she is still wondering why the college chaplain chose to wear army boots to conduct the ceremony. Ill health and family commitments have prevented her from working outside the home, Anne has three children and lives in London with her husband and a thriving colony of toads and newts in a garden part nature reserve, part soft fruit orchard. More of her work can be seen on her website, www.aliceworeareddress.co.uk.


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