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Angela France was born in Cheltenham in 1955 and has lived in Gloucestershire for most of her life. She has held a variety of jobs, ranging from window dressing to running a smallholding and currently works with disengaged and challenging teenagers. She has had poems published in many of the leading journals, in the UK and abroad, has poems in a number of anthologies and has run workshops in a variety of settings including for a group of recovering addicts and for a group of visually impaired people.
She has an MA in ‘Creative and Critical Writing’ from the University of Gloucestershire and is studying for a PhD. Her second collection, Occupation, is available from Ragged Raven Press, followed by a pamphlet, ‘Lessons in Mallemaroking’ from Nine Arches Press in July 2011.
Angela is features editor of Iota and an editor of ezine The Shit Creek Review. She also runs a monthly poetry café and open mic, ‘Buzzwords’.

‘Occupation’ establishes a clear, firm, valuable voice in contemporary poetry.


George Szirtes


It’s a subtle, understated but rich music, and you find it still echoing round your head long after you’ve put the book down.


Matt Merritt, Under the Radar