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published in collection Cabinet of Wonders,

2002, Vernier Press, ISBN No. 1898825 06 8


Cloth Stars


A young woman peddling fast,

she's muffled up

in a rakish hat and scarf,

balanced at her back

a child riding the wheel.

The mother intent on getting there fast,

the kid's laughter heating her up.


Later in the museum a display

keeps pulling me back

to a pair of rescued stars

in frayed cases,

below instructions

on how they should be washed,

their yellow dye all leached out,

six points still intact,

next to a hand written note

in a thick square carpenter's pencil.

Creased and hurriedly signed,

this request for a child's exemption.

Imagine if permission was denied

the limp cloth star unwrapped one night,

tacked carefully on the child's breast.


The girl flies on

filling my window with her shape

framed for a moment then quickening

into the wind as if the world exhaled.


Angela Dove


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