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 in collection, A Season of Small Insanities, 2009,

Salt Publishing, ISBN  978-1-8447150-9-1;

                   in pamphlet collection, Bubble, 2004, Flarestack, ISBN 1-900397-77-3;

                                    and in the BBC Radio4 play of the same name, October 2004


Marrying Richard Harris


This was not what you wrote in your diary

when you were twelve years old.

Not this holding of a second dead child

in a room next to the scrape of plates,

all those uneaten fish Friday lunches,

the drumming of pipes in a busy sluice.


I will marry Richard Harris.

Sing on Top of the Pops.

Not bite my nails.

Fill a country house with children.

Write a book. Have pierced ears.

Drive a car.

Live in Ireland by the sea.

Wear jeans all the time.

Adopt stray cats and orphans.

Own two wolfhounds.

Ride a horse better than Christine White's.

Travel to one name from each page in my atlas.


This was the hope list in HB pencil,

your future plans in neat joined-up writing.

You rock him and cry as is called for.

Marrying Richard Harris would have avoided this,

stopped this falling apart

in a space set aside for the purpose.


Andrea Porter


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