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19 Oct23

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     I have learned our human insignificance
     by gazing up at the cosmic sprawl of the Milky Way.

Concrete rubble and plastic flotsam,
for centuries after the turnover.
Palaces, bridges, sculptures, paintings,
poetry, science, genius, knowledge –
annihilated, secured to oblivion.
Everything for nothing,
out of nothing, back to nothing.
Concrete rubble and plastic flotsam,
the only legacy they will leave,
and one the superseders will ignore.
When that happens, it will do out of the blue.
On the timescale of our planet,
it will have seemed like an interlude.
On the cosmic one, like a beating of wings.

Alessio Zanelli

published in Acumen, (UK), Issue 107, September 2023, ISSN 0964-0304