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Tony Turner (         - 2013)


The Theory of Everything               The Mezquita, Cordoba

         A Moment with Monty           Sunset at Salcombe


The Theory of Everything


The universe is mostly empty space

The atom’s void round which electrons race


Electrons go right through a metal foil

And stars are only gases on the boil


And mass is really energy held tight

While energy is coiled in strings of light.


Now time depends upon your point of view

So in the tenth dimension all is new


The world is just an insubstantial dream

And things are not as solid as they seem.


Why should a Being cleverer by far

Love artefacts as fragile as we are?


So hold me close as north winds fill with snow

For time is short and that is all we know.



Tony Turner

first published in Acumen 49, 2004, ISSN 0964-0304

in collection How Far Away Australia Is, 2005,

Cherrycroft Press, ISBN 0-953-29004-2




The Mezquita, Cordoba


From contemplation in the orange garden

to a hushed gloom

where light hangs in bowls

like censers, spills over

an astonishment of arches

in white and red

stretching to infinity

on a history of classic pillars.

We are enveloped in Moorishness,

dwarfed by starry domes

that seem to float on filigree.

Drawn by the distant light

of the holy Mihrab,

we move on, under confusions

of horseshoe and multi-lobed arches

upon arches,

reaching for a vision of holiness.

We round a pillar

glimpse the face of some

Renaissance Pope, like a mirage.

Another arch, and

never having found a door

we’re suddenly in a Christian nave

of soaring gothic tracery.

Brick fuses with stone

east with west

Moor with Christian,

as lover with lover,

sharing this holy ground.



Tony Turner

first published in Belief In Something Better, 2003,

Cherrycroft Press, ISBN 0-9532900-2-6





A Moment with Monty


Under his black patka, his soft brown eyes

are thoughtful, rehearsing what must be done.

He twirls the ball in the fingers of his left

repeatedly spins it to his right.


Then, three short paces

breaks into a run

body, rocking back,

swings round his planted foot

rotating as the ball

snaps from his fingers,


drifts away a little.


Chanderpaul, seventy-four runs secure,

judges there’s no danger, makes no move

to play it. Spin bites,

ball breaks back at speed

strikes him on the pad.


Monty’s arm is up, his shout’s insistent, eyes appealing.

Up goes the umpire’s finger and

off goes Monty

like a fire-cracker,

a jumping jack

exploding into air,

landing and springing off again

in new surprise directions.


The team catch fire with him,

ignition spreads from man to man

crosses the long space to the boundary

leaps the fence

and lights the crowd,

spreads like a brush fire


so that,

when the moment comes

off its high point,

as it must,

there’s a buzz everywhere

and people

returning to their seats

can feel the warmth

of sharing

a moment with Monty.



Tony Turner

In collection Dreams And Sudden Dangers, 2009

Cherrycroft Press, ISBN 978-0-9532900-9-3





Sunset at Salcombe


The sun throws shadows of the hill behind

far into the estuary, but lingers on the other shore

picking out amber sand, rows of neat blue boats

pushed high up the beach against the possibility

of storm, and a white house with blue shutters.

At its anchorage, a yacht is being secured for the night.

A bird flies low along the estuary towards the sea.

A dark bird, following the shoreline,

going home. I try to name it, in an idle way,

and suddenly I notice that it’s blue.

I fix it, testing its blueness with each beat

until it disappears. Pondering this

I see another bird and it looks blue

and others, dipping in the shadow of our hill,

are blue and blue and blue as lights come on

tracing a pathway from yacht to house

and on up the far hillside into the luminous azure

of the darkening sky, to the first stars and all

the vast blueness of the universe beyond.



Tony Turner

first published in South, 35, 2007, ISSN 0959-1133;

in collection Dreams And Sudden Dangers, 2009

Cherrycroft Press, ISBN 0-953-29004-2


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