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25 May17

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Stephen Bone: I started writing poetry several years ago and since have been published in various magazines, including Links, Poetry Nottingham, The Rialto, Seam, Smiths Knoll, The Interpreter’s House. I am the complete opposite to prolific and even when I feel one is ready, I’m still unsure whether to inflict it on an editor!
Having said that, my collection In the Cinema (2014) is published by Playdead Press and a pamphlet collection, Plainsong, by Indigo Dreams Publishing (2018).
Review comment:

In The Cinema is in itself a private picture house, a careful framing of moments. In this collection Stephen Bone often undertakes a microscopic procedure, holding objects in certain lights, running films at specific speeds, cutting at definite moments.    …    Stephen Bone’s picture show pitches from murk to crystallinity, fractures and stains to coherent sequence. We are left alone with a set of given fragments and forced to negotiate them, finding reflections in the gaps, the dark between scenes.


Tom Crompton, Sabotage Reviews