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Rosemary was born in London in 1946. She began to write and to think of herself as a writer very young, and her idea of what poetry is and does has grown up with her.
Her first collection Threats & Promises was published by Iron Press in 1991.Then came Hearing Eye pamphlets Life on Mars, 1999, and The Song of the Nobird, 2009. More recent collections Italics, 2010, and For Example, 2016, are from Shoestring Press. One poem, Lullaby, has had a career of its own, widely anthologised and set for GCSE.
Her work with video artist Stuart Pound has been shown at festivals all over the world. They began by using spoken poems and have experimented with digitally processed recordings and with putting text on screen. Some of the results can be seen here.
In 2007 Rosemary won second prize in the National Poetry Competition with her poem The Hairdresser from Beirut.