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A window pushed up two inches from the sill

bright blue crossbars whitened with dust


fresh mortar slopped around a nail in the wall


a single luxuriant drip of white gloss

on the new wooden step at the base of the door frame


‘ARGENTINA’ in print on a shiny round label

the scarred yellow skin of the pear as she peels it


her grandfather’s moss-shadowed glass-roofed conservatory


pale quarters of ‘Williams’ in syrup with cloves

her grandmother’s preserves


gold plums, green walnuts turned black in the jars




a crowd of people at the side of the music hall

being addressed


then the speaker starts walking

holding up a red headlined pamphlet to follow


‘Here,’ he says, ‘The place has been given a bad press

a bad reputation — this is the very spot’


and she remembers reading of shootings, of car-jackings

lilac-grey clouds coming up beyond the rooftops, like smoke


a mezuzah on a door


dark splashes of rain along bleached-out scaffolding.


Mary Michaels

from Caret Mark,  2008, Hearing Eye


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