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Marion Tracy lives in Brighton. She has two degrees in English Literature and worked as a lecturer in Further Education colleges. She spent seven years in Australia where she first began to write poetry. Returning to the UK, she had a pamphlet Giant in the Doorway with HappenStance Press in 2012 and her first collection, Dreaming of our Better Selves was out with Vanguardeditions in 2016.
In Australia, she has been published in a variety of literary journals: Blue Dog, Blue Giraffe, Eucalypt, Famous Reporter, Five Bells, Heat, Hecate, Idiom 23, Micro press and the Poet’s Union Anthology.
In the UK, she has been published in: ARTEMISpoetry, Dream Catcher, Fire, The Interpreter’s House, Mslexia, Obsessed With Pipework, Poetry Express, Raindog, Scintilla, Tears in the Fence, Peony Moon, The Rialto, Poetry Wales, Under the Radar, Poetry Review, Frogmore Press, 14 magazine and Iota, and in the 211-page anthology Her Wings of Glass (Second Light Publications, 2014).
Marion’s debut pamphlet, Giant in the Doorway, with HappenStance press, was out in September 2012. It’s an evocative account of one day and night in a holiday cottage, from the point of view of a child struggling to make sense of her mother’s psychiatric illness. Subsequent poems extend the narrative through a mature reflection on the mother’s life, death and legacy.
Reveiw comment:

The writing is totally authentic yet handled with subtlety and skill. Giant in the Doorway tackles difficult subject matter with bravery and utter honesty. It is also a remarkable poetic achievement.


Myra Schneider in ARTEMISpoetry Issue 10


Giant in the Doorway is a moving, brave and unforgettable book. I look forward to Marion Tracy’s second collection


Alison Brackenbury in Under the Radar


Reviews of Marion‘s first full collection Dreaming of Our Better Selves (2016, Vanguardeditions), by Neill Rollinson, Mona Arshi, John McCullogh, Sarer Scotthorne, Robin Houghton, Helena Nelson and by Diana Reed of WriteOutLoud magazine, can be found online at Richard Skinner (Vanguardeditions).