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first published in ENVOI 142  October 2005   ISSN: 0013-9394; 

In Collection ‘Frost Hollow’ Oversteps Books, 2006  ISBN: 0-9552424-4-4


Judgment Day



High sun and thunder clouds of shadow

stir in spirals to the mountain top;

a ritual for some god. In another

sacred spot, ancient robbers dig

Amulets         crosses            scarabs        bones

It is all the same to them ...


Far away a child begins to shake.


This is a planet hooked on sacrifice,

propitiation for the small misdeed,

the yearn for double harvest and the sleep

wherein is no uncertainty,

no waking up to knowing this is it.


Come Judgment Day archangels rise:

The calling in of all accounts as

bits of skeletons re-jig themselves

with fists on lids and drowning pond and screeches

from the vulture peck, the cooking pot, the ashes

far dispersed


Through the haze the child moves into view.

The lamb in sweetness meets

the one who cuts the throat.


Still in lozenges of blood-red glass the shepherd smiles.


Mummified a thousand years, an Inca gift ―

a-peeling-back reveals his toddler face,

carved deep ― the tracks

of his long tears.


Down the sky a kestrel drops.

A mother screams.


Angel with your trumpet call

remember these at bitter Judgment Day.



Mandy Pannett


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