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Where the Gelt gathers

Where the Gelt gathers here on broken fell,
forgotten except by those who maunder
along tracks of mines and hillsides pocked
with waste heaps, I come among
wild cattle whose gaze you’d best avoid,
the startled snipe and startling grouse.
No chance of dramatic view, tasteful panorama:
just the fellsides shifting colour as you watch,
catch breath, run on. You might though
be amazed by kingfishers’ embroidered seam
along the wooded gill, or harrier’s doomed flight.
Yet all the time the Gelt is swelling, drawing
mists, storms, dew, and even sweat through turf and bog,
sieving age and aspiration as it sees fit.

Malcolm Carson

in collection The Where and When, 2019, Shoestring Press,
ISBN 978-1-9125243-1-0