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The Fallen Wallet

There’s the jacket skewered to the chair,
yesterday’s socks on the carpet,
the fallen wallet, spine erect:
an open book, innards fanning.
I can lay each page out
reveal a Tarot – the owner’s arcanum.
My fingers cross the first card,
its numbers raised – a Nine of Coins
that says its owner is considered
secure for a loan, while
the office pass suggests where he stands
refusing to let the Tower fall.
National Trust, South Bank, R.A.C. –
the Emperor, the Lovers and the Fool –
give other clues, deepen the mystery.
I pull out the licence, see the photo
stare into its eyes – younger, perhaps –,
match them to my tired face in the mirror.
There’s no need
to ask the woman asleep in the bed
if she remembers my name.

Graham Mummery

published in Ambit