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Written     Out

The voices have been quiet     of late
Subdued it seems     by form
The way of things     the quotidian
It used to be     they screamed
Jumped in and over each other
Poured into me this way and that
Willingly I gave in to their pressure
Their passions     needs     wants
I wrote the words
                    into theatre
                    into poetry
                    into debate

Arguing     out loud     with myself
                    to find the phrase
                    to find the metaphor
                    to find the truth

Now the voices are quiet
Once they were friends     lovers     enemies
Now they simply stare coldly     asking why
Screaming     it used to be     you cared

Trevor Maynard

published in The Poetic Bond VII, 2017, Willowdown Books
ISBN 978-1-9780980-3-9