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We had our work cut out,
naming everything.
Every succulent and shrub,
every bean and tree.
As far as I can see, though,
there’s no-one else here, so it’s up to us.
I don’t care for the work myself, but he seems to thrive on it.
While I search out the best grains, he eats words.
While staring into pools or at the sky:
A-dam, A-dam, I - I - I…
It’s a good thing fruit falls from the trees,
the man hasn’t the strength of a tortoise.
Last dark I set a bulb, and by midday,
there stood a tree of tulips, sweet and white.
I shouldn’t say it, but I’m bored.
I caught the sun today.
I worked some twigs and ferns to smoke
and the ground came alive.
The dark is warmer now.
He runs from the heat.
I eye him, up to his neck in water, or buried in leaves.
He never sees me looking.
The creatures are less noisy now, but not him.
Shark, snail, sabretooth –
Dodo, dormouse, diplodocus –

Yesterday, I found another.
Furless like me, and fearless, and tied round a tree.
He’s the quietest thing I’ve ever seen.

Tanya Nightingale

Winner of the Yorkshire Open Poetry Competition, 2008